A-Z of Nature and Climate Solutions

Armed with our ‘A-Z of nature and climate solutions‘ – informed by climate scientists, the United Nations body, the IPCC, and other experts – we want to challenge widespread assumptions that there is little we can do in face of climate and nature change. There is SO much we can all do – and every action counts!

Climate ‘doomism’ is a recent term coined by the media to describe a feeling most of us can already relate to; a sense of depression, anxiety and fear caused by the nebulous looming existential threat that is climate change. In feeling so overwhelmed, we’re effectively paralysed, unable to do anything at all about the problem, because somewhere we learned that it is so bad, no amount of action, however small or large, could turn the tide of the problem.

We at Greener Henley are by no means immune to these sensations, but, being informed by climate scientists, the United Nations body, the IPCC, and other experts, we want move our community forward with a sense of stubborn optimism. There is still enough time to act and make the changes we need to mitigate the impacts of global climate warming and preserve our precious biodiversity. Together our actions can have a huge effect!

What is the A-Z of solutions and where can you see it?

To help us on our quest to change minds, inspire hearts and encourage action, we have created an alphabetical list of just some of the hundreds of solutions there are to climate and nature change for Great Big Green Week. We will be displaying these solutions in shop window posters as part of a Henley trail for you to follow, and we’re also hosting a stand at the Fair on the Market Place on Saturday 24 September from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

On the stand itself you’ll have the chance to chat with our friendly volunteers who can give you dozens of positive ideas and steps to take to make a difference, and you can even pledge one change, pinning your ideas written on leaves onto our ‘tree of action’.

From small scale ideas, such as swapping out your single-use plastic coffee cups, to medium-sized ideas such as heat pump home improvements, all the way through to larger scale projects involving team efforts by communities such as tree planting, buying local or participating in ‘No Mow May’ – together we CAN make a massive difference.

Keep your eyes peeled for our A-Z of ideas and see which ones might work for you!

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