CAN Bill open letter

Screenshot of the Henley and Thame CAN bill open letter

Greener Henley is asking local residents to sign up to an open letter to Henley and Thame election candidates as part of the Zero Hour campaign to pass the Climate and Nature (CAN) Bill in Parliament.


The CAN Bill is a parliamentary bill drawn up by scientists, academics and lawyers and would transform the UK’s approach to tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis, ensuring that Government policy is brought into line with the latest scientific advice.  It is supported by over 180 parliamentarians (MPs and Peers) across all major political parties, and has the support from over 200 scientists and hundreds of councils.  The campaign is also supported by over 500 organisations nationally including the Women’s Institute, Cooperative Bank, Wildlife Trusts, Oxfam, Ecotricity and The Doctor’s Association UK.

A number of very well-known Henley organisations have signed up to support the campaign including Henley Town Council, Hobbs of Henley, Brakspear, Henley Rugby Club and Ella’s Kitchen.


We want to show all the candidates – one of whom will be our future MP who will make up the Parliament that takes us to 2030 –  that they have a mandate to support the Climate and Nature Bill in our constituency.  The aim is to ensure that we start the next Parliament with the necessary number of MPs to make this Bill into law.

How can you help?

We are calling out to all residents in the Henley and Thame constituency to  sign up to the open letter here.

If you can, please also help the campaign by asking schools, councils, businesses, organisations (from faith groups to sports clubs) in the Henley and Thame constituency to sign up to support the campaign here.  This is a very powerful way to reach more people, who can be encouraged to sign up to the open letter.

We know that in order to work towards a sustainable and zero carbon future, businesses require a strong legislative framework that embeds government targets in law, enabling them to plan and develop future trajectories to fit in with those targets.


For more information, watch Chris Packham’s short explainer on the CAN Bill (1.20 mins), or for a more indepth look, watch the recording of Zero Hour’s election webinar launch