Working together
to create a cleaner,
greener Henley

We believe everyone can make a difference

Greener Henley is working with the community to tackle the climate and nature crisis.
Explore our areas of action and get involved!

What can I do?

Are you concerned about the state of nature but don’t know how to help?
Here are three simple actions you can take
to make a real difference today!

Nature Squared

Nature Squared Campaign logo

Join the Nature Squared campaign and help us plant 500 m2 of pollinator friendly plants to create a nature corridor

The Big Green Conversation

the Big Green Conversation logo

Change can only happen when we’re talking together so why not start a Big Green Conversation with your community

Support the CAN Bill

Zero Hour logo

With a general election on the cards, make sure your next MP makes tackling the Climate and Nature emergency a top priority

Do you have a few hours to spare?


 We really need to expand our team, and we would love you to join! We have a variety of roles available, please take a look and see if there’s anything you could help out with

Latest news and events

Latest news

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Looks Can Be Deceiving: A River In Decline

Greener Henley caught up with Richard Fortey, British palaeontologist, natural historian, writer, television presenter and long time Henley resident, to get his views on how the river has changed over the years… and what we can do about it.

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