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In partnership with the Regal Picturehouse
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Green Screen - a new kind of cinema experience!

Green Screen events were co-founded by Greener Henley and our local cinema, the Regal Picturehouse and have been such a success that Picturehouse has now adopted for its group of 26 cinemas nationwide, an achievement we’re really proud of.

It’s a bit of a different cinema experience whereby we show an environmental themed film followed by a panel discussion often with the filmmakers themselves, alongside local experts in the field.

Great Big Green Week: 8th-16th June 2024
08:00 By Jean Oliver

Great Big Green Week is back for 2024! SAVE THE DATE: 8TH – 16TH JUNE. For the fourth year running…

26 January, 2020

Allotments Association

This strange year brought about a huge uplift in the demand for allotments.
26 January, 2020

Henley in Bloom

Henley in Bloom is a sub-committee of the Henley-on-Thames Town Council’s Recreation and.
26 January, 2020

Henley Town Council

Updated information coming soon…
26 January, 2020

Trees group working parties

(Socially distanced) volunteers are needed to cut back nettles, weeds, grass and bramble.
26 January, 2020

Summer foster homes for garden trees

The nurseries are now opening and limited stocks of garden trees and shrubs.
26 January, 2020

Work begins on Henley Solar Streets

Work has now begun on the Henley Solar Streets initiative nec a scelerisque.Non.
29 February, 2020

The latest environment news

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17 September, 2021

Great Big Green Week

There’s so much going on in Henley for Great Big Green Week and.
30 October, 2021

Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Join the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice! On 6th November 2021,.
13 November, 2021

Climate Justice march in Henley

Saturday 6th November was the mid-point in the COP26 summit in Glasgow. Groups.

Green Screens

Past Screenings

  1. Get hold of some native wildflower seeds.
    Greener Henley is giving out a packet of FREE seeds to anyone who is keen to take part – just go to the Information Centre at the Town Hall to collect one.
    If you prefer to source your own, you can find a list of plants we recommend. A good online source of native flower seeds grown and gathered in the UK are Landlife Wildflowers
  2. Plant your wildflower seeds.
    Take a look at our planting guide for tips and advice.
  3. Register your square metres
    Let us know how many square metres you’ve planted using the form below so we can add them to our running total.
    If you cannot access the online form, no problem – you can register your square metres at the Town Hall Information Centre and we will add it to our total on the Greener Henley website.
  4. When your plants come up or your flowers begin to bloom, take a photo and send it to the Henley Standard at [email protected]

Let’s create a nature corridor in Henley and our surrounding villages -
find some space to grow and help us reach our target of 500m2!

Sign up to Nature Squared

    Thank you for sharing with us. We respect your privacy and none of your data will be used publicly.

    Spread the word

    Perhaps you can persuade your friends and neighbours to take part and give our local wildlife a boost?

    Nature in the UK is hugely in decline and we need to give it much more space and consideration. Pollinators are often portrayed as bees, but in fact birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals all pollinate plants and are jointly responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food! They also sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce and without them our agricultural economies and indeed our food supply would be at risk – so let’s get growing!

    What comes up when?

    Be patient: perennials (ie plants that live more than two years, flowering reliably every year) might take longer to appear than annuals, which should start flowering from May, but you could put in some early flowering bulbs or plants for the very early pollinators.

    If you can, please take note of the different species you have visiting your square of nature – insects, birds and other creatures – we’d love to hear about them.  Also keep an eye out for updates on the campaign in the Henley Standard!