Hedgehogs group

Hedgehogs need our help! Did you know that hedgehogs are now classified as vulnerable to extinction and are listed as a species of importance to protect? The hedgehog population in the UK has seen a huge decline in recent decades – estimated at around 1 million now, compared to around 30 million in the 1950s. The good news is though, there is so much we can do to help within in our own gardens, whether it is by making sure your fence has a hedgehog highway, by creating a wild corner where plants can grow freely, providing food, or by stopping using chemicals in your garden – slug pellets, lawn treatments, insecticides and pesticides are all bad news for nature and for hedgehogs.

Help our hedgehogs!

Would you like to help look after our hedgehogs? Could you start a hedgehog highway on your street to ensure safe passage? Please get in touch at [email protected]

These are the things happening locally to help our hedgehogs:

Neighbourhood Plan
To ensure a future for our hedgehogs we need a ‘wildlife voice’ in the neighbourhood plan.

Fairmile Court Hedgehogs
Great Success! Nesting hedgehogs are rearing their hoglets here. Fairmile Court has a Hedgehog Highway that connects Freemans Meadow with the Fairmile.

Freemans Meadow Hedgehogs
Two home owners have installed hedgehog houses and have connected their gardens with the Freemans Meadow wildlife corridor. The corridor would benefit from additional hedging and thickening of the undergrowth.

Fairmile Housing Development – Hedgehogs
The plan to remove slow worms and rehome them elsewhere to make way for housing will have a devastating impact on the hedgehog’s ability to feed themselves. The survival of hedgehog communities at Fairmile Court and Freemans Meadow will be under threat.

The Chalk Bank Hedgehogs
The Chalk Bank needs to replace and improve safe nesting areas.Hedgehogs require an appropriate habitat which provides them with adequate safe nesting opportunities, connectivity, food and water.

Hedgehog Highways – Grants for residents to plant hedges and replace fences?
Residents can help by not ‘over tidying’ green spaces, tree felling and erecting impenetrable fencing. Can Henley providegrants for residents to plant hedges to replace fences?

Henley Town Green, Gillotts Field – Wildlife Pond
A pond would encourage biodiversity into the area and provide hedgehogs with water.

Gillotts Lane and Surrounding Area
Here we have an established community of nesting hedgehogs.

The Lodge Garden Project – Gillotts School Hedgehogs
Pupils and teachers have congratulated HiB – the project is ongoing

River and Rowing Museum Hedgehog project
Hedgehog and Swift conservation TBA

Mill Meadows Hedgehogs – Henley Wildlife Group
Hedgehog conservation TBA. Advice on how to mitigate the negative effects on our wildlife through urbanization would be most welcome