A special thank you to the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation


Greener Henley is extremely grateful to the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation for their very generous donation towards the cost of putting on Henley’s Great Big Green Week in 2022. 

Many Henley people will remember Tony Lane with fondness.  His generosity and love for this town continues through his legacy the Tony Lane Foundation which supports projects that improve the town.

The following is a statement by the Trustees of the  Foundation.

“On behalf of the Anthony (Tony) Lane Foundation, we are delighted to support the Great Big Green Week for the benefit of the people of Henley-on-Thames. Greener Henley is doing a fantastic job raising awareness about environmental issues such as climate change. These issues are of importance to all of us and future generations to come and we are very pleased that the Foundation can play its part in promoting this cause.”

Anna & Della Burnside, Trustees of the Foundation

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