Car Club

Greener Henley has been working with Henley Town Council for the last 5 years to try and bring a Car Club to Henley.  A car club involves  ‘Pay-as-you-go’ motoring.  Car Clubs offer a range of benefits to a local community. These include financial benefits for members (no more tax, insurance, depreciation, servicing, car rescue etc); reductions in pollution in the town and of individuals’ carbon footprints; reduced pressure on parking spaces in the town; and for those who can’t afford to buy a car, increased personal freedom.

The eventual aim is to have cars dotted around Henley so that everyone has an electric car within a 5 minute walk. The problem has been getting spaces allocated and charging points installed. With the help of our district and county councillor, Stefan Gawrysiak, we are trying to get SODC to allocate spaces in the town centre car parks and OCC to allocate spaces on the highway.   We also hope that HTC will allocate spaces on land that they own.

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