A Sustainability Hub for Henley

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One of the events taking place during Henley’s Great Big Green Week is the public consultation on a proposed climate emergency centre for Henley, taking place in the Town Hall on Tuesday 27 September 2022, 7pm – 9pm. This centre has the working name ‘Henley Sustainability Hub’ and is an initiative backed by Henley’s Mayor. The purpose of the public consultation is to canvass the views of Henley residents on shaping this centre – for example what services and activities could this centre offer, what benefits might it bring to Henley, and what are the key challenges?

Inspired to come along and help shape Henley’s Sustainability Hub?

Our consultation evening on Tuesday 27 September will help shape the future of our own Sustainability Hub. Attendees will play a hugely valuable role in offering their views and feedback around what services such a centre should offer. Local sustainability experts will be on hand to help gently guide the conversation, so no prior knowledge is required, just bring along your community spirit! This event is aimed at people of all ages who would like to help build a strong and resilient community in the face of the climate / nature emergency that confronts us. If you would like to hear more and take part in the consultation, book your place here.

Tips for Henley from Abingdon’s climate emergency centre

On Monday 12 September Greener Henley hosted a talk by the inspirational founder of Abingdon’s climate emergency centre which opened its doors to the public one year ago.

The aim of a centre like the one at Abingdon is to connect and support the local community,  including schools and businesses, helping us all to adapt our lifestyles, reduce our carbon footprint and enhance biodiversity. Michelle, who has been leading the project, talked about how the centre has brought the community together around the shared purpose of taking action on the climate emergency. “Having that space has really created an energy that you can feel because we can come together…having a presence is invaluable.”

The centre in Abingdon currently has 45 active volunteers who help with the many activities and the running of the centre, which is continuing to grow. Michelle describes it as “an amazing space where the magic really is happening.”

They opened their doors in September 2021 and in the space of just a year, the centre has put on 115 eco events ranging from apple pressing to bike checks, plant swaps to eco crafting for kids, to learning how to make salad. They have also been doing fantastic work with 7 of the local schools, engaging with geography classes, eco clubs, and 6th formers who are doing their Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

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