The Big Green Conversation

Start a Big Green Conversation with your community and inspire positive change!

The Big Green Conversation

Talking about the climate and nature emergency is one of the most impactful things that we can do to inspire change.

When we get conversations going – in our homes, our workplaces, and with our friends – we build unity around the things that are important to our communities and this can be an important catalyst that changes our behaviours and inspires action across the community.

Conversations about these important issues, across all sectors, empower everyone to understand the problems we are facing and how we can address them. Together we are stronger and we inspire each other to make change happen.

3 Ways to have a Big Green Conversation

Sharing ideas and starting open conversations is a vital part of moving forwards and everyone’s input – big or small – is important and relevant. Finding out what matters to others, listening to all views and concerns, can be a good place to start. Then you can move on to discussing what action can be taken to change things.

  1. Have a coffee morning
    Why not organise a coffee morning with friends, or school mums/dads, to discuss what actions you can take?  You can take inspiration from the Mothers Can website to guide the conversation, and we would encourage men to use this resource too!
  2. Discuss a ‘Big Green Read’ at book club
    If reading is your thing, we invite you to read a title from our Big Green Read, and then talk to people about what you have learnt.  If you like, you could invite your book club to choose a title from this list.
  3. Organise a meeting at work
    Keen to see more climate and nature action in your workplace?  Why not hold a formal or informal meeting at work to discuss what you and your colleagues can do to encourage action? It might be as simple as planting up an area with wildflowers, or you may have ideas about how your workplace could use less energy.

And for those who want to get a little more involved...

We invite you to become a Greener Henley Ambassador.  Be our voice within your own sphere of influence – spread the word in relation to any Greener Henley events coming up (eg Green Screen films at the Regal Picturehouse, educational talks, etc) and help us convey our most important messages on key campaigns and recruitment drives.  Ambassadors share our mission to bring the community together to take transformational action on climate and nature, and they can pick and choose what activities suit them best.