Toad Patrol

Henley Toad Patrol officially began in 1999, when local volunteers decided to help the migrating toads across the busy A4155, from The Culden Faw Estate. We have been collecting the numbers of toads taken in buckets ever since.

Migration in 2020

On February 1st, Henley Toad Patrol (HTP) volunteers erected a 1000 metre temporary barrier in the privately owned Oaken Grove Wood opposite Henley Management College. Every evening from dusk, until March 25th, the migrating amphibians were picked up at the barrier, put into buckets and carried across the busy A4155 to their spawning pond in the College grounds. 54 adult Toad Patrollers, from a database of 146, volunteered on at least one evening during the 54 days of Migration.

Be a hero for amphibians!

Could you volunteer with Toad Patrol? If you’d like information about what’s required and when take a look at the Toad Patrol website

Wet, mild evenings are manna from heaven for amphibians so it was apt that on February14th a staggering 1867 toads were helped across the road. During Migration 2020, HTP helped an amazing 8820 Toads, 234 Frogs and 344 Smooth Newts. In late March over 3500 adult toads and in June, 9500 fingernail sized first year toads left the pond and were carried back to the wood.

Volunteers have been annually helping our nationally important toad population since the 80’s. HTP are always keen to welcome new adult volunteers.