Toad Patrol

Henley Toad Patrol officially began in 1999, when local volunteers decided to help the migrating toads across the busy A4155, from The Culden Faw Estate. We have been collecting the numbers of toads taken in buckets ever since.

The Henley Toad Patrol (HTP) group assists migrating toads, frogs and Smooth Newts to cross the busy A4155 Henley to Marlow road. The volunteers’ aim is to help all of the amphibians to reach their spawning pond, by patrolling from dusk every evening  between January and early April.

Vital data on the nightly amphibian numbers has been collated since 1999. During the 2021 migration 5953 toads, 302 Smooth Newts and 125 Frogs were helped by HTP, bringing the total of over 126,000 toads helped to cross the road safely in the last 23 years.

Be a hero for amphibians!

Could you volunteer with Toad Patrol? Drop an email to Angelina Jones at [email protected]

HTP are always keen to welcome new adult volunteers, who are free to commit to as much time as it suits. It’s great fun helping with the annual amphibian migration , with a real sense of camaraderie and kinship amongst the group – one of over 184 groups across the country. Volunteers need only provide two buckets , a strong beam torch and wear a high viz.

Please contact Angelina Jones [email protected]
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