Environmental science and schools

Each year Greener Henley likes to foster an interest in science and the environment in school children by setting them a challenge with the hope that this will lead to enhanced environmental and scientific awareness. Previously held as a competition between schools, we now want to be more inclusive and involve a wider range of submissions. In this way we hope to tie in more closely with the school curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

In March 2022 we launched our new challenge under the title of ‘How important are insects? and invited pre-schools, primary schools, key stage 3 students and other interested parties to take part. To cater for different students’ preferred learning styles we have suggested that their submissions can be creative or scientific, with a wide range of formats being acceptable, such as artwork, stories illustrating the importance of a particular insect, a board game design or factual writing, charts and graphs, surveys of insects found in their school grounds, etc.

Entries should be in by June for awards to be made late June. We are planning on exhibiting as many submissions as possible in the Public Library and other public areas during Great Big Green Week in September.

Involvement with our local schools

Perhaps you would like someone from Greener Henley to come in to your school to talk to a class, or do an assembly about one of the issues we cover. If you have ideas about how the environmental challenge could benefit your school, would like to get involved in the challenge, or if your school simply has a project you’d like to let Greener Henley know about, please do get in touch at [email protected]