CEE Bill working group

In November 2020, Greener Henley became a member of the CEE Bill Alliance Oxfordshire – a campaign group seeking to work with local Oxfordshire MPs and councils to ensure policies on climate change and ecological breakdown follow the science. Greener Henley is supporting the Alliance on campaigning for the CEE Bill to pass into law as we believe that it represents the greatest chance we have of the government taking the action that is necessary to combat the climate and ecological emergency, and so to mitigate its worst effects upon our local community. We have put together a short video (less than 3 minutes) explaining why we are supporting the CEE Bill.

Greener Henley has formed a small working group, and we have been working hard to build local alliance partners in the Henley area. We have recently harnessed support from prominent local Businesses such as Brakspear & Hobbs of Henley , as well as the much respected Henley Business Partnership.

The CEE Bill is about protecting and restoring ecosystems and wildlife. It’s about protecting soil and habitats that can help absorb carbon, such as peatlands, woodland, grassland and wetland. It also makes clear that if producing the food we import and consume causes emissions and damage to ecosystems in other parts of the world, that’s our problem to sort out, not someone else’s. The Bill is already attracting huge support. If adopted, it would transform the UK’s approach to tackling the climate and biodiversity crisis.

If you are an individual living within the Henley constituency and you would like to  support the CEE Bill, please sign Greener Henley’s petition to John Howell. You can also support the national CEE Bill campaign by signing the national CEE Bill campaign petition. Businesses or other organisations in Oxfordshire can sign up to our open letter to Oxfordshire MPs asking them to support the Bill in Parliament.

Would you like to see more support locally for the CEE Bill?

Would you like to get involved with campaigning for local support of the CEE Bill? We’d love to hear from you at [email protected]