Why Badgemore Primary Supports the CAN Bill

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We asked Tim Hoskins, the headteacher at Badgemore Primary school, why the CAN Bill is so important to them. He told us that it’s for the same reason they teach: to make a difference.

Read on for his full take on the subject.

At Badgemore Primary School, we are supporting the Climate and Nature Bill (CAN Bill), and we are encouraging all our parents to sign up to the open letter asking our election candidates to back the Bill.  We know that our country is entering a climate and biodiversity crisis; one that, if left any longer, will not be reversed.  Evidence indicates that the impact of this crisis will threaten nature, human lives, livelihoods and well-being around the world, including our own community here in Henley, as we have seen recently with flooding.

At Badgemore Primary School, we support the science-led plan to address this crisis and believe that it can not be passed soon enough.

The current generation of adults and generations that have gone before have enjoyed the spoils of our beautiful world without considering the impact of our actions.  It is now our responsibility to take the steps to ensure that we act sustainably for our children and their children’s children. As a forest school and one that works hard to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle,’ our decision has been fully supported by our parents. 

The CAN Bill is about making a difference, which is exactly the same reason that we teach. The CAN Bill is a cross-party Bill, which is independent of party politics, and I would strongly recommend that all schools support this Bill and encourage your local MP to vote for it after the upcoming election. 

Tim Hoskins
Headteacher, Badgemore Primary school, Henley-on-Thames.

If you would like to sign up to the open letter asking all Henley and Thame election candidates to support the cross-party Climate and Nature (CAN) Bill in Parliament, you can find the link here.

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