Henley Repair Cafe

Due to the Covid Pandemic launching the Repair Café has been postponed until June/July 2021. This potential launch date will be reviewed once the impact and effectiveness of the vaccine is known.

The Repair Café will be a community action/social enterprise company. HTC has been lucky enough to find a volunteer to help to co-ordinate the new Repair Café. There are over 35 volunteers who have expressed interest in volunteering at The Repair Café who have an assortment of skills.  Several volunteers have and are involved with other Repair Cafés which is very helpful. All volunteers will be written to in the new year and we will prepare to hopefully launch in the middle of the year. The Over 60’s Club have confirmed that we can use it as a venue on a Saturday although, several councillors would like to review other potential venues.

Get in touch!

Want to know when the next repair cafe is on, or would you like to offer your skills to support the repair cafe? Get in touch (contact tbc)