Swifts group


We have formed a small conservation group to support the swift population in Henley. Swifts are amazing and beautiful birds that spend almost all of their life in the air feeding on airborne insects, but their numbers have rapidly declined due to their loss of habitat from the demolition and refurbishment of their former nesting sites in building roofs.

Greener Henley’s Swifts Group intend to increase the numbers of swifts in Henley by siting more swift nesting boxes in the town each year.  At the same time we hope to encourage interest in these fascinating but threatened birds.

Do you want to do something to help arrest the decline in Swift numbers? Could you host a Swift nest box, or do you know of a good location for one? If you would like to be involved then do let us know at swiftshenley@gmail.com

If you missed the inspirational talk on Swifts given by Jan Stannard you can still catch it on our YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/Xn9mcMCwakg

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