Residential and business energy use is such a big part of our carbon footprint. Whether through our online talks and social media posts, or by working with our local partners to publicise schemes and grants for efficiency, we can help to bring that down.

Groups within Energy


Henley Solar Streets

#SolarStreets – a great scheme supported by Henley Town Council to offer residents solar panels…

CE2030WG logo

Climate emergency working group

The Climate Emergency Working Group (CE2030WG) was set up in 2019 and is made up of…

car club

Car Club

Greener Henley has been working with Henley Town Council for the last 5 years to try and bring a Car…

GH Festival carbon cutting

Carbon cutting talks

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Comms team

The Greener Henley Comms team works across social and local media, raising awareness of the climate and…